Samson Rising Sun by Will Goodan

samson-red-flake-1samson-red-flake-2 samson-red-flake-3   samson-red-flake-6 samson-red-flake-5    samson-red-flake-4samson-red-flake-7samson-red-flake-8

I’m not a fan of NJS bikes back then due to their super expensive price but my taste changed a few years back since I saw how 3Rensho was crafted with lotsa love. And today, I was stunned with this build by Cycle Exif’s Will Goodan. Let say if Scarlett Johansson walk pass in front of me right now, I would not take my eyes of this bike.

Will tells of an interesting story regarding the Samson frame: “When I opened up the bottom bracket I realised that the previous keirin racer had filled the main frame tubes with polyurethane foam to strengthen it significantly.

“I checked with my friend’s local bike shop about the frames keirin track history and yup, sure enough, it was blacklisted as he had illegally filled it to win a race. It must have been a very strong ride since the down tube is oversized already, he must have needed a lot of torque.

Along with non-japanese Campy NJS approved components, this bike is built to perfection!

Will’s word and photos : Cycle Exif


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