Eighthinch Manifest Test by Kris of Lockedcog

testing-testing-eighthinch-manifest-cover-FULLeighthinch-manifest-review-stem eighthinch-manifest-review-front eighthinch-manifest-review-bars  eighthinch-manifest-review-dropout eighthinch-manifest-review-2 eighthinch-manifest-review-BB eighthinch-manifest-review-headset eighthinch-manifest-review-drivetrain

Its been a while since I heard about the brand Eighthinch. Back then the roads of Kuala Lumpur is filled by Eighthinch bikes as its one of the most affordable track bikes around. Now they’re pretty much ready and came out with this, a new frameset called Manifest. Might not be ready for sale right now but I’m sure they’re ready to sell it out soon. Kris of Lockedcog got his Manifest few months back and from what I read, he’s loving the bike. Read more about Kris’ review on Lockedcog. Get ready for the Eighthinch wave soon!


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