The Nutter : Bicycle Multi Tool

tool_with_brown_case_1024x1024tool_with_black_case_1024x1024open_pouch_1024x1024Nutter_packaging_1024x1024pouch_on_bike_79acd706-a9f0-4f07-9ba1-cb962daf912f_1024x1024spoke_key_1024x1024 tyre_lever_1024x1024 tool_extender_1024x1024 15mm_spanner_1024x1024

Are you a daily cyclist? Then, you might need this tool. Its The Nutter. A bicycle multi tool made to fit any nuts and bolts. You can even open a bottle, catch a fly, build a boat or even use it to light a cigarette with it. Nahh, just kidding. Hell, it’s the only tool you need. No more big ass allen key sets or 15″ wrench. Check the video first before you even thought of clicking “back”. Interested? Get them HERE!


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