Wu Tang Brand – 20th Anniversary x State Bicycle Co. Limited Edition Custom Bike

We love the black and yellow colour combination on anything and guess what, this time, my personal fav rap group, Wu Tang Clan collabs with Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament 2012 main sponsor, the State Bicycle Co. and came out with this awesomely looking complete bike. Fully chromoly (on the main parts), oversized parts, high flange hubs laced to deep profile rims, what more can you ask for. I personally love the detailing and the head badge. Everything here including toe clips and pedals for $599 and now open for pre-order. Head on to the order page for more info and photos.

Screen-Shot-2013-09-03-at-11.43.35-AM-1024x683Screen-Shot-2013-09-03-at-11.44.00-AM-1024x675 Screen-Shot-2013-09-03-at-11.44.12-AM-1024x676 Screen-Shot-2013-09-03-at-11.42.07-AM-1024x679 Screen-Shot-2013-09-03-at-11.42.16-AM-1024x682 Screen-Shot-2013-09-03-at-11.44.36-AM-1024x678


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